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Q235 Welded Steel Grating For Road Seepage

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Q235 Welded Steel Grating For Road Seepage

Brand Name : Jiongcan

Model Number : JC-RD-034

Certification : ISO9001

Place of Origin : Anping China

Product Name : Welded Steel Grating

Weight : Depends on specifications

Standard : YB/T4001

Design Style : Contemporary

Main Materials : Carbon steel, aluminum steel, stainless steel

Application : Warehouse, Steel Walkway And Floor

Bearing Bar Size : Online technical support, Return and Replacement

breadth : Customized according to customer requirements

Cross bar pitch : Custom:22-100mm Routine use:50mm 100mm

Width : 600mm-1250mm,1000-1524mm,600-1500mm,840mm-1050mm or request

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Q235 Welded Steel Grating For Road Seepage

Hot dip galvanized grating for road seepage Welded Steel Grating

Welded Steel Grating Introduction:

Ditch cover plate is made of steel grid plate. There are many types available to suit different span loads and requirements.
Widely used in municipal roads, garden facilities, residential areas, schools, stadiums and other different places.
According to the use of different occasions, different specifications of trench (well) cover plate, the surface can be hot dip zinc, cold galvanized (electroplating) or no treatment.
Ditch cover plate is mainly used in some factories and high-grade residential areas, which is mainly because the cement trench cover is often crushed, and the road surface is also damaged.
Therefore, the trench cover plate made of steel grid plate is suitable for different load loads.

Welded Steel Grating Specifications:

Span:Total span.
Width:Panel width.
Bearing Bars:Load carrying main element.
Bearing Bars Spacing:Measure from center-to-center of the bearing bars in 1/16″ increments. Standard spacing for industrial flooring is 19/16″(1-3/16″) on center. Other popular spacings are 15/16″, 11/16″, 1/2″, and 7/16″ on center.
Bearing Bars Depth:Ranges from 3/4″ to 7″ depending on anticipated loads.
Bearing Bars Thickness:Ranges from 1/8″ to 1/2″ depending on anticipated loads.
Cross Bars:Used to Secure the position of bearing bars.
Cross Bar Spacing:Measured from center-to-center of cross bars in 1″ increments. Standard spacing is 4″ or 2″ on center.

A, flat steel: the material is Q235 or stainless steel, there are ordinary plane type, anti-skid tooth type and section I type, the usual specifications are 20*5, 25*5, 30*3, 32*5, 40*5, 40*3, 50*5, 65*5, 100*8, 100*10, etc.
B, bar: material and flat steel, the use of twisted square steel, it is made of the disk by square horizontal drawing and twisted, its common specifications are 5*5, 6*6, 8*8, etc.
C, through the above flat steel and bar can be summarized as the common specifications of steel grid plate: 303/30/100, 325/30/100 and so on.
Method for marking galvanized steel grates
(1) hot dip galvanized steel grid plate flat center spacing: according to the series to distinguish: Series 1 is 30mm;
Series 2 is 40mm;
Series 3 is 60mm.
(2) hot dip galvanized steel grid bar center spacing: series 1 is 100mm, series 2 is 50mm.
Other specifications can be customized.
(3) hot dip galvanized steel plate flat steel: the material is Q235B or stainless steel, with ordinary plane type, anti-skid tooth type and section I type.
The common specifications of galvanized steel grid platform are 20*5, 25*5, 25*3, 32*5, 30*5, 40*5, 40*3, 50*5, 65*5, 75*6, 100*8, 100*10, etc.
(4) hot dip galvanized steel grating bar: round steel, twisted square steel, square steel or hexagonal steel made of Q235B or 304 stainless steel.
Twisted square steel is made by drawing and twisting the square die, and its common specifications are 5*5, 6*6, 8*8mm, etc.

Welded Steel Grating Application:

The use of steel grid plate design and manufacture, widely used in urban roads, squares, gardens, wharves, airports, depot, highways, railways, industrial engineering and other types of industrial and civil buildings of the drainage ditch, cable ditch use, often known as the rain grate, steel cover plate.

Welded Steel Grating Advantages:

1. The surface of ditch cover plate adopts hot dip galvanizing surface treatment, which has strong anti-rust ability and is maintenance-free and replace-free for up to 30 years.
2, due to the use of high strength carbon steel as raw material, so that the steel grid has a very high strength: strength and toughness is much higher than cast iron, can be used for wharves, airports and other large span and heavy load environment.
3, the installation of the domestic more advanced anti-theft design, made of steel grid drain cover and frame with hinge connection, anti-theft, safety, easy to open.
4, save investment with materials: large span, heavy load, lower than the price of cast iron;
It can also save the cost of replacement of cast iron covers due to theft or crushing.
5, the product appearance is beautiful: simple lines, silver appearance, composite modern aesthetic requirements.
6, large mesh with the best drainage: water leakage area of 83.3%, more than twice as much as cast iron.
7, rich categories: can meet the needs of different environment, load, span and shape, can be provided according to customer size and shape.

Welded Steel Grating Process:

The process design of steel grid plate is to arrange the material according to the geometrical information of the sheet according to the size of the original plate, and the ultimate goal is to make the material cutting plan take into account the maximum utilization rate of the material and higher production efficiency.
The principle of steel grid process collocation mainly has the following aspects:
1, all the full plate size or more than the full plate size of the steel grid are in accordance with the length of the priority collocation, collocation size as little as possible and unified, length range control in 5-7 meters.
2. A small number of narrow plates can be arranged in order of width from large to small or from small to large, and then can be combined together in parallel according to length.
3. When the width overflows, the raw material cross bar is used for edge welding, instead of welding another plate.
4, double rod welding machine each pressure welding 2 bars, can not appear odd circumstances.
5, between the board and the board to retain the sawing size, if not enough need to leave a cross bar.
6, for a set of drawings need to be strictly classified.
If multiple drawings are more than 200 square meters, they need to be matched together. If less than 200 square meters, it can be considered to match them with small size drawings.
7, for the special-shaped steel grid, need to consider decomposition and docking, in order to achieve the most economical material.
8, for flat steel spacing 60 mm plate can be used 30 mm spacing comb clip for raw material production.

Welded Steel Grating installation:

The connection mode of steel grid plate is fixed and installed with buckle connector, which is composed of three parts.
Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Grating Package delivery:
Delivery when will we have a professional inspectors to check the quality of the product is unqualified, such as qualified will paste the qualified product certificate, and then fixed by shipping packaging, packaging with the steel plate on the metal tray, and then fixed with metal packing tape, finally wrapped by plastic film packaging, general each pallet packing 1-2 tons of cargo, in order to convenient for unloading and storage after the arrival of the goods. The unqualified products will be recalled by our quality inspector.

Pre-sale service:

After the customer orders, we will have professional technical personnel to contact with the customer, in order to meet the customer's technical inquiry and production schedule.


After the goods are shipped, we will have professional technical personnel to docking with customers, so that when the goods arrive, there will be unloading problems, storage and installation problems. Our technical personnel will reply online within 24 hours. If there is a problem, we will docking within 2 hours and help customers solve the problem within 5 hours.

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